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Travel - Class V

Travel is an integral part of our life. Be it short journeys or long vacations, travel involves a lot of planning and decision-makings. Therefore, it is good to engage students in such planning from a young age itself.


Unit 9 of class 5 English textbook deals with the theme ‘travel’. While the poem ‘Sing a Song for People’ talks about the busy life in a city, the prose ‘Around the World’ is an extract from French writer Jules Verne’s novel ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. The extract is about an adventurous train journey from San Francisco to New York.

Sing a Song for People – transaction module

A transaction module that follows the ‘discourse oriented pedagogy’ has been planned for the poem. The module includes ‘picture-based interactions’ and ‘narrations’.

Conversation Activity – worksheet

This is a follow-up activity which can be done after the completion of the module. Students write dialogues for characters based on their understanding of the poem and by writing simple descriptions for pictures.

Around the World – transaction module

Like for the poem, a transaction module has been planned for the prose.

Plan Your Tour – project

This is an interesting project that can be taken up when the school tour is planned. Students are involved in the planning process and they fill worksheets for ‘overall plan’, ‘place details’, ‘travel plan’, ‘food plan’ etc. Teacher can decide whether to do the entire project or part of it, based on time availability. There’s a guide for the teacher as well. The project enables students to get to know the basics of planning a travel. They also get exposed to language relating to travel. The project ensures learning with fun.


Term: Term 3


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