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Smart Chart G5

Grade: 5

Lesson Name: Smart Chart (MAT 326)

Theme: Data Handling


  • Collect and record the data in raw form
  • Present the data in the form of frequency table
  • Interpreting Real Life Situation into meaningful data
  • Ability to interpret the data

Highlights of lesson plan:

This Domino Activity helps how to use the domino cards in the data handling lesson and how we collect/ record the data in raw form etc.,

This Activity is integrate math into EVS. Weather can be categorised as ‘sunny’, ‘windy’, ‘rainy’, ‘cloudy’.  Children can create symbols to depict these four categories of weather. Each day an entry is made into the calendar according to the weather. At the end of the month, a pictograph can be prepared based on the information from the calendar.

This activity suggests a simple data collecting activity with available family details of surrounding areas and thereby enhance the understanding of data handling.

This project idea helps the students to explore what they are learn/ see around their locality more over which can also connect with house project

This PowerPoint presentation motivate the birds watching as well as collecting the Birds data. This PPT used inside the classroom for setting objectives of birdwatching and how to collect the data


Primary Maths

Term: Term 3