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The Donkey

The Donkey

CBSE, English, Class - IV, Unit - 6

1. Preparing an Album: Students could talk about animals they like. They could discuss their male and female names, what their young ones are called, what they eat, where they live and why they like them. Students can then prepare an album of animals.
2. Book on my pet animals / If i had a pet: The teacher could describe his/ her pet animal (its color, size, characteristics, likes etc). Students can then be encouraged to talk about their pet animals and describe them the way the teacher described his / her pet. or a pet they would like to have. they could them make a book carring detail like:

Outline for 'Pet Animal Book' :
 Picture of the pet animal
 Description about the pet animal Name, color, special characteristics, likes, what it likes to do
 How did the pet animal come to your house? Is there a story behind it?
 Student’s photo(or drawing) with their pet

Story Reading: “Raven, My Pet” written by Indira Ananthakrishnan would be an interesting story to read to children. In this book the author presents the story of a girl who wants to adopt the raven in her garden as a pet. Students can then be encouraged to share similar stories / their experiences with their pet animals. Listening to interesting stories help kindle children’s imagination and encourages them to make their own stories.
4. Story acting: Students could listen to the story of “The Milkman’s Cow”. They could rewrite the story in their own words, make interesting dialogues and act it out.



Term: Term 2