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If I were an apple - Our Tree

If I were an apple - Our Tree
CBSE, English, Class - I, Unit - 6

A Tree Model
Students could be asked to observe a tree for an hour and draw the things they have observed. After childern have drawn the object, the related vocabulary could be introduced.

The teacher could draw the outline of a huge tree on a chart paper and students could be asked to paste their pictures in theappropriate places. For example, if a student has drawn a crow,she/he would have to explain where was it found on the tree and paste it accordingly on the chart. Each picture could have a label below it .

We can create a worksheet similar to the activity mentioned above. The worksheet can have images and students have to identify and write the names under the picture. This activity could also been done in the reverse order, where the words are given in the worksheet and the students have to depict there .

Introducing Vocabulary: Teacher could show a set of cards with animals or things in it. She could ask them questions based on the cards. For example, what would you do if you were a fish? Students will frame sentences in the following format - If I were a fish. I would swim. The following vocabulary could be introduced through this activity.



Term: Term 2