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Resource Catalogue - Mathematics

Grade 2_ Foot Print, Mathematics

This web page is a source for different kinds of worksheet on shapes and pattern and matching the following correctly.  Students are expected to match the shapes correctly. This worksheet can be handy for teaching shapes and patterns.

On this web page, there are worksheets showing different shapes to make a picture. Students will be highly interested in doing this. There are a few more worksheets on this page on number, side, corners etc. These can be used by teachers to connect grade 1 and grade 2 concepts.

Fun with Give & Take, Grade 3

  • Arrow cards can be helpful for teaching place value using ten blocks. These will help students get an idea about tens and ones by grouping and regrouping. Before this lesson, students must know grouping a number into tens and they should be able to see numbers as tens and ones.  This lesson will clarify give clarity for place value before students go to multiplication.  Students should be able to decompose into tens and ones and compose a number using tens and ones.
  • The link below can be used by students to practise online. The test has multiple questions for students to answer. There is also one more question where students can choose a number to find number of tens and ones. Link

We can see that many classrooms do not practice basic ten blocks with all students. These worksheets will replace that materials. The web link below is a source of free worksheets. Teachers can print these worksheets and practise with all students.

Grade 5

Factor and Multiple

Game for Multiple and Factor: This is an online game on multiple and factors. This online game will be interesting for students and also promote self-learning. This game can be played both individually and as a group and can be a good group activity for this lesson.

Students have to click on a number to move it between the left and right squares. Numbers in the right grid can be dragged to reorder them. The aim is to make the longest possible chain where each number is a factor or a multiple of its predecessor. Each number may be used once only. Chains are bracketed in green. Blue numbers are not part of a chain

Shapes & Number Pattern

This is a YouTube link on number patterns help children get to know pattern rules. Teacher can connect with picture pattern and also growing patterns. This video is well designed and visually attractive.

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