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Prehistoric period offers an idea of how life was tens of thousands of years ago. Learning this topic provides greater knowledge on human species and its evolution. It enlightens us as to how small incidents have had huge impact on shaping the human lifestyle. We can use this lesson as platform to compare contemporary lifestyle with prehistoric times and wonder over the change.

Stories from the Stone Age- The Human Adventurer

Time- (0.00-25.38) - This video documentary explores the prehistoric human lifestyle through archaeological evidence. To get deeper sense of prehistoric life Anthropologist Mr. Niobe venture into study the lifestyle of Primitive tribes in Africa.



Paleoanthropologist explains that stone tools
helped to gain access to high-energy food that
might have triggered expansion of brain.






Old Stone Age people in Africa fed mostly on
animals like hippopotamus. The marks of tools
can be seen on the excavated hippo’s upper jaw








Primitive humans were good in persistent
hunting. They untiringly followed animals and
killed it when it stops to cool off its body heat.







Stone tools made access to meat easy, which in
turn triggered the expansion of brain








Primitive tribes store and carry water in Ostrich
eggs. They bury it in sand and utilize it whenever





Climate change pushed Old Stone Age people to
seek perfect ground for living. Due to dry climate,
prehistoric people migrated to places seeking
water and finally ended up near the sea







Sea and its surroundings provided nutritious
food, which contributed to the physical
development of modern humans.







Art is a symbolic language. Primitive humans had
no language to write their history. They used art
as medium.




Questions for Discussion
1. How did prehistoric humans get their food? What difference
do you notice in the way we get food now?
2. What difficulties did prehistoric humans face in getting food?
3. Where did they live and why? How did we come to know
about their life?


Stories from the stone age- Daily Bread

This documentary series explores the New Stone Age - the beginning of rapid evolution in human life. From hunter-gatherer community to settled life, New Stone Age humans knew to make tools and pushed beyond their limits. This is when the hunted became the hunter. As agriculture started, life style changed dramatically. Permanent dwellings, cultivation of food crops, use of sophisticated stone tools and domestication of animals happened during this age.

This video documentary shows about New Stone Age or Neolithic period. Changes and new discoveries/inventions and lifestyle of neolithioc human showed in this documentary. 



When ice age ended, nomads moved to Fertile
Crescent, they found wild wheat and barley
abundantly. Since they were nomads, they had
to carry the harvested grains to their family. The
burden of carrying heavy load made them to
settle near the fields.







In the New Stone Age, one person harvesting for
a period of three weeks could feed a family of
four members for an entire year!





Harvested grains were put in the storage place.
They built it with stones and the walls were one
meter high from the base










Rituals like burial of bodies began during the
prehistoric period. When they bury the body, the
used ornaments and other materials were also
buried along.



Questions for discussion

1. List out changes that happened in New Stone Age
2. Causes for the changes
3. Point out new habits in the New Stone Age


Prehistoric Human

This animated series (5 short videos) gives details of pre-human history. The beginning of the human era from east Africa to settlements in Fertile Crescent, migration to Europe and the spread throughout
the world is shown in an animated format.

This animated documentary shows prehistoric life. Evolution, Migration from Africa to other continents and civilization are shown. This video helps to grasp the idea of prehistoric lifestyle.




Human species have been living on earth for 2
million years and have evolved so much since
then - Physical and genetic features have changed
over the course of time. This animated picture
depicts the evolution of human species.






How did humans spread throughout the world?
Archeological evidences show that humans had
begun their journey from east Africa. Migration
happened in search of water, food, shelter etc.
This picture shows the path of migration and the
spread of human species 50,000 years ago.






Without tools, human beings could have not
thrived. Tools had changed the way of living.
Different type of stone tools are shown in this







Paleolithic and Neolithic humans have portrayed
their environment in art. Cave arts depict the
surroundings of Stone Age human beings. Art
is the language in which Stone Age humans had
written their history



Questions for Discussions

1. Compare the nature of the leisure activities undertaken by
prehistoric humans and us.
2. Discuss the role of art in determining prehistoric life.
3. Compare and contrast aspects of modern human life with
prehistoric human life.


Snapshots from Prehistoric Period







History divides humans’ living period into four
eras. First era is Paleolithic, which began 60,000
years ago














Old Stone Age survival depended on roots,
berries and dead animals












Old Stone Age people used stones and rocks that
were naturally available for hunting.














Apart from berries and other fruits, prehistoric
people hunted mammoths, wild boars and











Cave art showing prehistoric humans hunted













discovery of fire at the end of Neolithic era
changed the course of living.










Neolithic or New Stone Age lasted for 6000 years,
and began around 12,000 years ago







Hunter-Gatherer communities began to settle in
one place as people found wild wheat and barley








Unlike Paleolithic Age, New Stone Age people
lived in thatched roof houses.









Domestication of animals started in this era.
Goats, bulls and dogs were living along since
Neolithic period.












New Stone Age people made their own tools
sharpening the stones with rocks. It made impact
on lifestyle of people











Rituals started in Neolithic Age. Dead bodies
were buried along with ornaments












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