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Counting in groups

Song:  ஒரு குடம் தண்ணி ஊற்றி  ஒரே ஒரு பூ பூத்ததாம்

Teacher ask the students to sing a song “one two buckle my shoe” and “ஒரு குடம் தண்ணி ஊற்றி  ஒரே ஒரு பூ பூத்ததாம்” in Tamil.

Most of the students counted the objects one by one. Two students were able count in 2’s initially upto 4 – i.e. 2,4 after which they started counting as 5,6…

How to Play

Number of players : More than 3
Location                    : Indoor and outdoor

  • First the group interested in playing Oru kodam thanni is formed and two members from the team are selected for forming the arch by variety of ways, for example by using an elimination word game, such as "Inky Pinky Ponkey" or similar game.
  • The two selected girls will form an arch by holding their hands together by standing opposite to opposite and rest in the group will run in circles through the arch singing "oru kudam thanni oothi ore poo poothadhaam"(English translation: after pouring one bucket water, one flower flowered) and for the second round "rendu kudam oothi rendu poo poothadhaam " (English  translation: after pouring second bucket water..) and so on.
  • For every sentence they will pass through the arch formed by the two girls.
  • While they sing "poothadhaam" the girl passing the arch will be trapped by the girls forming the arch. The girl trapped in the arch will now go to the arch team releasing one girl (girl who first got selected for forming the arch) to go around with others. 


Term: Term 1

Primary Maths

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