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ECE Resources: Water & My Village/Town/City

For the month of October 2019, ECE resources were prepared focusing on the theme of ‘Water’ (for LKG) and ‘My Village/Town/City’ (for UKG). The resources shared here find common use in both these themes; except for the stories – one of them is in the theme of conserving water while the other is set in the context of Puducherry city.

Teacher Theme Handbook [EC5144]

This has the theme-based (Water and City) web plan and the conversation, games, stories, songs, activities and other plans that can be implemented in the ECE classrooms. They have been contextualized to the Puducherry Government school classrooms deserves a special mention.

Song Lyrics [EC5145]

Songs are interesting ways of grasping students’ attention in the classroom. These song lyrics set to the theme of ‘My Village’ can be composed to a tune of the teacher’s choice and implemented as energizing activities in the ECE classrooms.

Activity Plan [EC5146]

This contains idea to an interesting activity of sticking pictures glued to ice-cream sticks on to a sand tray (village mapping idea that is shared in the teacher’s handbook). Students are engaged in conversation to identify only relevant pictures that fit into their neighborhood.

Pictures for Activity [EC5147]

These contain the pictures to be downloaded and printed in an A3-size sheet (black & white or colour). They should then be glued to ice-cream sticks by the teacher before handing them over to students for conducting the previously (above) mentioned activity.

Storybook 1 – நீரை சேமிப்ச ோம் [EC5148]

This is a simple yet engaging story in Tamil, that draws importance to the conservation of water. By adopting storytelling in engaging ways, teachers can begin to ask children to read the simple lines given in the text.

Colouring Sheets [EC5149]

These are colouring sheets containing pictures of characters and key objects from the above-mentioned story. This can be set as a follow-up activity to the above story.

Storybook 2 – நிலோவின் யணம் [EC5150]

This is a simple story in Tamil about how the Moon goes in search of its friend, Babu, around the city of Puducherry and finally meets him in his classroom. They spend the evening playing together until he goes off to sleep in his bed.

Worksheet [EC5151]

This worksheet contains a simple activity of matching halves of commonly found objects in a city.

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