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Fun with Numbers


Grade 3-Fun with Numbers

Numbers form the base of Math education for the students and the foundation has to be laid well at this grade, as this is when a student starts developing the concept of numbers.

1. Introduction to estimation

Estimation is a skill that is gradually developed among the kids and will be a very helpful skill in future. To develop this skill few interesting activities are involved.

2. Introducing 3-digit numbers

The students are familiarized with two-digit numbers. To increase their level, three digit numbers are introduced along with the name of the numbers.

Various activities are created to introduce three-digit numbers without asking them to memorize them, without any knowledge about it.

Worksheets available for download:

  • ​Worksheet 1
  • Worksheet 2   

3.Introducing skip counting

The students are introduced to skip counting to enhance their mental calculations and will also form a base for multiplication.

This has to be taught through different activities to make it easy for the students and also to make it interesting for them.

Worksheets available for download:

  • Worksheet 3
  • Worksheet4                                                                       

4. Introducing place value

Place value plays a key role in making the student understand the number system and in the formation of a three-digit number. These concepts when taken through different activities will make the concept look like a fun activity to the students.

5. Grouping

This will help us access the students’ overall understanding of three-digit numbers. It enriches the students’ abilities in grouping, regrouping, mental calculations etc.

Worksheets available for download:

  • Worksheet 5
  • Worksheet 6


 The activities are described in the following document: Activities_Fun With Numbers



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