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Rip Van Winkle

The story of Rip Van Winkle in the Class 5 NCERT English textbook, is long and has language that might be difficult for children to read. This transaction module (ENG213A) not only uses pictures to make the story come alive but also suggests how to help children read the text and produce language in the form of dialogues and narration.

Once the teacher narrates the story in class using gestures and code-switching, picture cards (ENG213A) can be used to ask questions to check children’s comprehension of the story. Children can then be motivated to scan the textbook story to identify relevant words/phrases and using their answers. A simplified version of the story can be generated that would make reading easy and interesting.

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The story can then be made into a comic strip by planning frames that correspond to each picture card. Each frame can be planned along with the students by identifying the location, characters, props, actions, and dialogues, and the frames can finally be compiled to make a comic book. The comic book can then be used to plan and enact a drama.

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