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Songs and Rhymes for English Classrooms

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Songs and Rhymes for English Classroom



Songs are always fun for children. Rhythm and actions make songs
valuable resources in language learning classrooms and among
primary level learners.

Students love to mumble songs they have listened to. When
children come to classroom after a long break, action songs
with repetitive phrases will help have fun as well as get them
familiarized with the language.

Simple English songs help build a positive setting in a second
langauge classroom by allowing everyone to participate in group
activities. Students also begin to gain phonological awarenss of
the language.

Physical and social development:

Students can be encouraged to enact the song as they sing. This is a
good way to engage them in active body movements. Furthermore,
singing together develops social bonding.

Songs are also a good medium to indtroduce emotions to students,
as it depicts joy, surprise, fear, trust, etc.

What Next?

The Thisaimaani catalogue contains English video songs that can
be used in the class. Through these songs, children learn English
in a fun way. Do not forget to get a copy of the songs for your











Links for the Songs Above

1. "I am so Happy, Sing with me" 

2. "A Song on Days of the week"


3. "Friends Song"

4. After a bath

5. "The Hokey Pokey Shake Song"



This is a collection of few nursery action songs in English for primary school children. There are different categories of songs in this list and teachers can make use of them in their classrooms depending on their relevance and usefulness as an aid for their teaching.


1. Action Songs for the children – These action songs help children to learn the simple action words like clap, stamp, walk, sit etc. It can enhance their vocabulary building.​

A . I am only a Baby


B. Two Little Hands Go Clap



2. Daily Routine Songs for the children – These action songs remind children to cultivate good habits. It also sensitizes them about their body parts and thus useful for these lessons – After a Bath (Class – 1) and Wake Up (Class – 4)

A. Are You Sleeping Brother John



3. Friendship Songs for the Children – These set of action songs makes children aware about the importance of friendship, the joy in learning together, playing together and helping each other.

A. Goodbye Friends


B.  Three young Rats



4. Nursery Songs on Cultivating Values – These set of nursery songs intend to cultivate the values of sharing, loving, caring, respecting, and helping each other. 

A. Baa Baa Black Sheep


B. Cobbler Cobbler

C. Diddle Diddle Dumpling

D. Ding Dong Bell



5. Nursery Songs on Broader Themes – These set of nursery rhymes cover the themes of rain, water, garden, life and journey.

A. Round Round the Garden

B. Row Row Row Your Boat

C. Rain Rain Go away

D. I Hear Thunder


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