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Three Little Pigs

Unit 1: Three Little Pigs

Grade- 1

Theme: Animals

Kids are fond of listening to stories, that too animal based stories are a major attraction for them. Three Little Pigs is one such story that talks about the three pigs who built different types of houses and how the big bad wolf huffed-puffed the houses.

This resource catalogue broadly focuses on how to deal with the lesson in a more interesting way. It contains various components to teach the lesson, a transaction module to teach the lesson, a video of the story, short version of the story along with the pictures, Story sequencing cards, masks for role playing of the story.

The transaction module is the base to enter into the textual lesson and gives the details to the teacher on how to approach a lesson and what are the questions needed to be asked to the students. This module contains:


  1. Picture based Interaction
  2. Narrating the story
  3. Interaction and Comprehension questions on the story
  4. Process of classroom drama


(Refer to the file – Unit 1 Transaction ModuleThree Little Pigs.docx available for download at the end of this article)


An animated video of the story that it would create an awe in the minds of the grade 1 kids. This video is the animated version of the story, ‘Three little Pigs’.

You can use the following link to watch the video:

A short version of the story, this version helps  the leaners to make an attempt to read the story by relating it to the pictures.


(Refer to the file – Story of 3 pigs.pdf available for download at the end of this article)


Role Play

Role play is an interesting tool to engage the children in the classroom. Along with the script the role playing masks can be used as a supplementary aid to make the play more dynamic. 


(Refer to the file – Three little pigs mask.pdf available for download at the end of this article)


Game on sequencing Story cards

A small game on the sequencing of the story card creates the curiosity in arranging the picture cards, story writing part after the sequencing helps the kids to generate their own story.


(Refer to the file – Three little pigs story sequencing.pdf available for download at the end of this article)




Term: Term 1