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Wake Up & Neha’s Alarm Clock

Theme - Time  

 Grade 2 -  Wake Up & Neha’s Alarm Clock 


Children like to talk about their everyday experiences. They also love to listen to stories and poems that are connected to their day-to-day experiences. The poem ‘Wake Up’ and the prose ‘Neha’s Alarm Clock’ talk about the morning experiences of kids. The lesson is based on the theme time. It encourages a discussion among the students on the value of time.

The resource catalogue contains the following materials:

      1. Transaction module  

The transaction module is a detailed plan on how to transact the lesson effectively. Teachers face challenges on covering the content and ensuring language acquisition simultaneously. Transaction module addresses both these issues.

Module contains:                                                                                 

Module contains:

Wake Up


  • Narration
  • Picture interaction
  • Reading the lesson
  • Choreography
  • Creative writing (picture description)

Neha’s Alarm Clock

  • Narration
  • Picture interaction
  • Reading the lesson
  • Creative writing (conversation)


Each activity in the module ensures space for production of children’s own language and introducing new vocabulary with supporting materials like pictures and narratives. Narration, interaction and picture interaction are pre-reading activities; they help the students to comprehend the lesson well and they also facilitate the process of reading with comprehension.

[Transaction module attached at the end: Transaction Module Class 4 Unit 1_Poem and Prose.doc]


2. Rhyme - Clock song (video): This is an audio-visual material, which helps to catch the children’s attention as well as in generating a discussion in English. The poem is based on the theme time. Make a model of a clock or bring an original one to the classroom. After every stanza, set a time in the clock and ask time related questions. Attached discussion guide gives the idea of how to use this video in classroom. 

[Video link:

Attachments at the end: Discussion Guide – Clock Song.doc]



3. Project- Morning Walk: This project requires children to observe their home surroundings, early in the morning and note down their observations on a worksheet. The worksheet has relevant questions and images to guideline them.

        [Attachment at the end: Project – Morning Walk.doc]



4. Poem book - Lovely Day: It can be used as an additional reading material. The poem book introduces the vocabulary in the poem ‘Wake Up’, with the supporting images. If students read or have a discussion based on this material, it would be easy for them to comprehend the poem ‘Wake Up’.

        [Attachment at the end: Lovely Day – Poem Book.pdf ]




5. Worksheet - Morning: It discusses about the morning routines of students. It builds a connection with the prose ‘Neha’s Alarm Clock’. The prose is about Neha’s waking up experience early in the morning.

         [Attachment at the end: Worksheet – Good Morning.doc ]



6. Story - Old Clocks’ New Hands (Video): This is a video story on the theme time. It can be used for class room discussion and developing speaking skills. Attached discussion guide gives the idea of how to use this video in classroom.

         [Video link:

         Attachment at the end: Discussion Guide – Clock Song.doc]




7. Worksheet - Daily Routine:  It discusses about the morning routines of students.  It can be used across grades as a language activity.

          [Attachment: Worksheet – Morning Routine.doc]




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