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Activity to develop speaking skills for Grade 1 children

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There is a song called ‘En pandhu’ in Grade 1 Tamil text book. It is about children playing with a ball.  Here a few short activities that can help the child learn the song in a fun way.

  1. Each child can come in front of the class and talk about any one of their favorite game.
  2. Children can draw any one of their favorite toy and talk about it. E.g. ball, doll, car, etc.
  3. Children can make their toys and tell a story around the toy. E.g. clay toys, paper toys, kite, boats, etc.


Children can talk about their toys. For example,

  • Color, shape and texture of the toy
  • Varieties (cricket ball, football, ring ball, etc.)
  • Why they like it
  • Who they play with
  • Occasions when they play
  • Any memorable events
  • The person who presented/ bought/ gave them the toy

Through this activity children can

  • Focus on a particular object and talk about it
  • Think about various aspects of one object
  • Talk in front of the class without fear because it is a known and favorite topic
  • Easily connect the classroom with their life
  • Enjoy participating in learning activity





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