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The English Expo

ACE is the power source of self-confidence for my students and me.

I was fully disappointed when I attended the Phase 1 training. It was like an imagination. Is creative writing possible for our students? I was thinking that this training was a waste of time.

 Afterwards, when I was using the transaction modules in my class, I could see children’s eagerness to learn English vocabulary. I was surprised by seeing my children speaking and writing in English. For the first time they were using English words and making sentences. Likewise it happened in writing also. When I displayed a picture and interacted with them they answered my questions spontaneously. They created their own sentences. And they were happy to read what they wrote in the classroom, whether it was wrong or right.

By creating groups, I made the children share their ideas equally. When I displayed their work, they were happy and the group members were discussing the discourses they wrote comparing them with others’ writings. They wrote descriptions. They built their own conversation by creating two characters. They created poems in groups and they enjoyed a lot. The drama “Robinson Crusoe” was excellently performed by my students. It was my favourite. I enjoyed their marvelous performance. It seemed like they were all actors and actresses. Two boys did a performance on the poem “My Shadow”. It was their own performance.


The most interesting and amazing things happened in my class at the English Expo we conducted on 9th September. Students developed magazines containing descriptions, conversations, narrations and poems. They presented the oral versions of their creative written work. They performed a drama. Above all, they displayed their confidence in using English by speaking spontaneously about someone in the audience.

Parents were amazed to see their children’s performance. Some students were asked to read their descriptions. Some were asked to act as chorus. Some were asked to sing the song. A few others were asked to read the passage. On the spot, students described the parents and the atmosphere at the expo. They enacted the story. Students were posed many questions by the parents and the HM to which they responded with great confidence.

 Now my students are able to write more than three sentences when I give them any picture to describe. They are able to read the passage and understand the meaning to some extent on their own, though not fully. When I ask my students to say something in English, they are able to do so without hesitation.

My amazement still continues: How is it happening?

Looking back I realize that the miracle has happened by virtue of the insight I received from the training offered to us by Azim Premji Foundation with Dr. K.N. Anandan. Thank you all for giving us this type of training.

Teacher: K.Meera, PST, GPS Nettapakkam


Term: Term 1