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Haldi’s Adventure

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The joy of talking about the picture

 CBSE, English, Class - II, Unit – 1

V. Poovizhi

This lesson is about a girl’s adventure on her way to school. We started the lesson by singing “brush brush, brush your teeth” with actions. Students enjoyed the action poem. This was followed by a line
drawing activity from the textbook. This was easy and enjoyable for children. We also played a game on days of the week. I will discuss it in detail.
An activity on draw about your dreams
When they were done, I was surprised to see their creativity on paper. I felt I should do this more often instead of just asking them to copy pictures from the blackboard. Most drawings looked similar – house,
pond (river), tree, pet animals were the usual characters. However, when I asked the students to narrate or tell about the picture which they draw. Students mostly talked about their picture in Tamil but used
English words as well.

Student 1 has drawn a picture with two houses and a road connecting the house and the school. He told me there is a pond and tree. He narrated the different things that he sees on the way from his home to school. Since the school building is taller, he has drawn it in proportionately taller than the house.

Student 2 didn’t speak much initially. But when I started asking her specific questions about the drawing – what is this, what is that, she started speaking in Tamil. Other students helped her with English words for those pictures. She has drawn trees, birds, owl, sun, house, fish, clouds and a lotus.

Teacher: What is this?
Student: Megam
Teacher: What is it in English?
Student: Clouds.
Teacher: What is the colour of the clouds?
Students: Blue.
Teacher: What is it sitting on the tree?
Student: Owl (I was surprised to see that she didn’t need any prompting for this)
The activity of drawing and the freedom to express themselves in their home language helped students overcome their fear of talking in class. when they were able to express themselves in English with support from others, they felt confident and happy. The other thing I learnt from this tryout is that ‘Questioning / asking questions’ is very important. The idea is not to evaluate what they have done, but to help themtalk about their pictures. While teaching this lesson, I learnt a lot.



Term: Term 1

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