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Impact of movies in learning - Halo

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece" (Ruskin)

It is fundamental that a teacher cares about humanity in general. Once we love, enjoy and appreciate the individuality of every child in our classroom - everything else falls into place. A good teacher takes cognizance of the fact that they are role models for children remembering that we teach more by what we do than by what we say! This is a challenge for the best of us!

The Movie Review: HALO

Halo was a movie screened at Raj Nivas as part of the Digital Film Series. Fifty students from our school went to Raj Nivas and watched the movie. Below is a description of the movie followed by the discussion that took place with children.

A technically well-made film by Santhosh Sivam, the movie revolves around the life of Sasha - a motherless child, who feels lonely and does not want to eat, play or have fun. The servant tells her that her loneliness will soon be driven away by a miracle in the form of a halo. Then comes a puppy from the streets of Mumbai and she believes it to be the miracle sent by God. She names it HALO. One day the puppy gets lost in the riots of Mumbai and the seven-year-old girl goes out in strong determination to find him back. The journey of her lost dog takes her through the horrifying streets of Mumbai, where she budges with some smugglers and finally enables their arrest. Finally, she finds her halo in the house of an old couple who reside along with an autistic child. The dog is pampered and much loved by the family that Sasha decides to give away her halo. The end of the movie is heart touching and relates to the theme that happiness is more in giving than getting. The movie stars many cute kids especially the main character Sasha (Benaf Dadachandi) who is very sweet and charming. The movie is worth screening to kids.

Classroom Discussion:

The movie is all about being compassionate to living beings either human or animal. After watching the movie, my students and I interacted and had a meaningful discussion in the classrooms. They were asked to share their feelings, and learning from the movie.

Some of their learnings that were striking are:

The girl in the movie was born in a rich family but did not have anybody to care for her. Having parents and adults to look after is a bigger blessing when compared to being rich but remaining lonely.   

Love is best expressed when we are ready to share and sacrifice our happiness for somebody else. The girl loved her pet, yet was willing to let go of it for the sake of another child. She would have experienced a lot of happiness through that act of sacrifice.

As Teachers….

The movie takes us to the world of children. It helps us understand how much children need our care and attention. Such forums also bring about a good bonding between the teacher and the student.  I have noticed a striking difference in the behavior and attitude of children. It has significantly improved their social interaction as well.

Teacher: S.Premalatha, Subramania Bharathiyar Girls H.S.S.


Term: Term 1