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Understanding travel through games and activities

This article is a classroom practise of making students understand ‘travel’ and  its reasons. It was carried out through lively activities and games, which keeps students excited

Teacher – Good morning. Today we will see about the railway station. How many of you have been to a railway station?

Many students raised their hands and said that they have been to a railway station and have seen trains.

Kesav – I travelled in train sir.

Teacher – Wow great. Where did you go?

Kesav – Rameshwaram sir. My father took me to my grandmother’s house.

Teacher – Good. There was a bridge named as Pamban Bridge which is constructed over the sea and there is one speciality about that bridge. Do you know what?

Four students answered, “Sir the bridge opens from the middle. It breaks into two and both parts go upward allowing the ships to pass through.”

Teacher – Right. Very good.

Students who answered about the bridge said that they had seen that on television.

Teacher – Good observation students.

Teacher asked Kesav that how did you go in that train?

Kesav – Sir my brother booked the tickets for us.

Teacher – Yes. First you have to get ticket for travelling in train. Same thing applies for to other mean of transportation (bus, flight, ship) as well.

Teacher explained it in the form of drama. Initially, he asked one boy to sit in the corner of the class and to be a ticket counter. One more boy named Bharath joined Kesav and went to the ticket counter to buy tickets for them.

They were excited about the journey and started packing for the trip.

Teacher – What will you take for the journey?

Students – Clothes, toothbrush, paste, food

Teacher – What kind of food will you take for train journey?

One boy said, “I will take chicken sir.”

Teacher – While travelling you should not eat any non-vegetarian food because it might cause stomach pain or discomfort. What other food you will take for the journey?

Students – Tomato rice, curd rice, tamarind rice, chapathi, parota.

Teacher – Yes, you must take such food items while travelling. It won’t spoil and also don’t create any discomfort. Tomorrow you two are going to board the train. Unfortunately, your friend Bharath has another work so he can’t accompany you. What will you do now?

Kesav – He should cancel his ticket sir.

Teacher – Good. Go and cancel his ticket now.

Kesav and Bharath went again to the ticket counter and cancelled one of their tickets (Bharath’s).

Kesav – We went and cancelled Bharath’s ticket sir.

Teacher – Tomorrow morning 6.30 am your train starts. By what time should you be in the station?

Kesav – Before train starts I will reach the station sir.

Teacher – You should be in the station at least one hour before the scheduled departure time.

Kesav packed everything and went to the railway station at around 5 a.m. and was surprised to see two of his friends (Manikandan and Moovesh) in the station.

Kesav – Hey what are you guys doing here?

Manikandan – We are also going to Rameshwaram. You think we don’t know your plan?

Kesav – I am sorry guys. But now Bharath is not coming with me. I thought I am going alone but I now I feel happy that you two have joined.

Moovesh – Oh sad! Ok don’t worry. We can enjoy and write about our experience so that we can share it with Bharath and all other friends once we are back.

Manikandan and Kesav agreed with the idea given by Moovesh.

It was already 7 a.m. Train was supposed to be there by 6.30 a.m. Three boys were worried and went to enquire from the stationmaster.

Kesav – Sir our train (Rameshwaram express) timing by 6.30 a.m. but still it didn’t arrive and it’s already 7 a.m. What are we supposed to do now?

Station master (Teacher) – Don’t worry boys. Train is on the way, it will arrive in another 10 minutes. Due to signal failure it got delayed.

Three boys felt relived after hearing from the stationmaster and waited for the train.

Teacher – All of you stand in line as a train.

All the students formed a line and acted like a train.

Teacher – Now the train has arrived at the station. Kesav, Manikandan and Moovesh will board the train now.

Three boys boarded the train and took their seats.

Teacher – Did everyone take their seats?

Students – Yes sir.

Teacher – How do you know that you are in the right seat?

Students – Depending upon the availability of seat, we choose and sit sir.

Teacher – You have booked the ticket so your seat number will be given on the ticket. You should be seated accordingly. Ticket checker will come and check it. Have you seen Ticket checker?

Students – Yes sir. He will come in black dress. (Some students said he will come with white coat.)

Teacher – Good. Now ticket checker will come and check your tickets.

Ticket checker (Teacher) – Show me your ticket please? No this is not your seat. Please sit there.

Ticket checker arranged the seats of Kesav, Manikandan, Moovesh and other people sitting on the train.

Teacher waved green coloured file before the train and asked, what is this?

Students – Green means the train should move sir.

Train started, students ran enthusiastically within the classroom in a straight line. When they crossed the teacher, he waved the green coloured file again. Train didn’t stop there. In the next round, teacher waved red coloured file but still train didn’t stop. Teacher said them that red means stop, then train stopped.

Teacher – Now you have reached the next station. What will you will find here?

Students – People, food, tea, coffee, snacks

Teacher asked the students to do what they wished to do in that station.

Kesav got down and went to fill his water bottle and Manikandan got down to have tea.

In the meantime teacher waved green coloured file. Seeing the colour students shouted, alarming the guys who had got down from the train. Kesav and Manikandan boarded the train at once without wasting much of their time.

Teacher – What things will you see from train?

Students – Tree, buildings, water, cave, birds, agriculture land

Teacher – How will the object look from train?

Students – It will go backwards sir.

Teacher – If you sit opposite the direction of the train, how will you feel?

Students – We will also go backwards sir because we are sitting like that. If we sit in the straight direction, we will go straight.

Mapping activity

Students were asked to draw a map from their home to school. Discussion was generated among them about

  • How they come to school?
  • Walk, cycle, with parents?
  • What do they see while coming to school?
  • Plants, animals, houses, rivers, temples, etc
  • How do they cross rivers? (if there are any)
  • Bridges

Students have drawn the maps with the objects and things they observed on the way.

Maps drawn by students from their home to school


Students were excited about performing in front of others. Kesav, Manikandan and Moovesh felt very happy about acting and others also were constantly laughing when they were acting. Most of the students participated in the discussion and answered the questions. But a few remained silent and did not participate in any discussion. Students were happy to play and do this activity as and they show utmost interest in it. Whereas the same enthusiasm is missing when the teacher asks them to remain silent and read the book.

Overall, students found the activities very interesting. They participated, enjoyed it and also learned.

Teacher: Sivakumar, GPS, Veerampattinam



Term: Term 1