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What is Cooking?

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What is Cooking? Cooking Utensils

Name of the teacher – Sandacoumary, HT, GPS Vaduvakuppam

No of students – 14       

Class – III

Subject – EVS

Aim of the project

To make students get familiarized on the utensils used in cooking, processes involved in cooking and make a model of known utensils

Summary of the process

Students selected a food item of their wish and listed down the utensils used in the cooking process.

Preparation of ideas

Teacher discussed with students about the food item they like. Students’ responses included idli, dosa, chapathi, etc. Then she asked them the process involved and utensils used in cooking their favourite food item. Then she asked what materials are used. Students replied Iron, stone, aluminium, steel, etc. It was followed by the craft activity in which students made the utensils using a maida mix.           

Models of utensils made by students


Students enjoyed craft activity. They were able to visualize the kitchen, utensils and food items made using the utensils. This activity made them recall and discuss about the cooking process involved in preparing the food item. After making each item, they named the utensils and also listed the food items made using the utensils.



Term: Term 2

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