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What is cooking – Drawing cooking process

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Name of the school – GMS TN Palayam

Name of the teacher – Sasireka, PST

No of students – 11     

Class – III

Subject – Environmental studies

Aim of the project

The aim is to make students draw and label the cooking process of a food item they know.

Summary of the process

Discussion of food – idli, dosa, sambar rice – was carried out in classroom and after that students were divided into three groups. Two groups selected  idli and one group selected dosa – and were instructed to draw the flow of cooking process involved in preparing idli and dosa. Students started to discuss and draw the cooking process, utensils used and food items. After drawing, they were asked to name the process, utensils and food item. They know the names and wrote it in Tamil (with teacher’s help).           

Drawings of food process album


Students loved to draw and were enjoying it. The sample file was not shown to them and they started drawing the cooking process and utensils used by themselves. This activity could also be used for classroom management as the students were silent and focused on the drawing. One boy wasn’t interested in drawing on his notebook so teacher asked him to draw on the board and he did it.



Term: Term 2

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