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Writing a Recipe - GMS, TN Palayam

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Name of the School: GMS, TN Palayam

Teacher Name: B. Sasirekha


Term: 1

Subject: English

Student Project: Writing a recipe

Aim of the Project:

The main objective of this project is to make the students understand how they could sequence and narrate the process of making a recipe, through this how they can produce language.

No. Of Students involved: 4

Summary of the Process:

Students can pick one dish and they can elaborate the making of the recipe by writing it in English. They wrote the process of how to make a recipe. The process is written in full sentences.

Students Learning:

They are able to describe the process of making a food item. In specific, they produced the language and they had written in their own words/sentences. In this process they were able to connect and sequence the process mentally and produce it in the communicative form to the reader.

Way Forward:

The students can narrate a story, and this sequencing part is associated with connecting the events of a story. So as a next step they can try writing a story of their own.



Term: Term 1

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