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Writing a Recipe - GPS Vinayagampet

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Name of the school – GPS Vinayagampet

Name of the teacher – Raj Kumar

No of students – 12

Class – V

Subject – English

Lesson topic – Wonderful waste

Aim of the project:

To create opportunities for organic writing, students preparing a recipe book.

Summary of the process:

For the lesson to be more interesting I planned to prepare the dish "AVIAL" in classroom itself. Hearing this students eagerly accepted and each student brought one ingredients from their home. In the beginning I explained how to prepare this dish and students joyfully interacted and participated in the activity and prepared the dish. After the dish was made students were asked to write recipes of their favourite food.

Students learning:

While preparing the dish I used the new words like tempting, whipped, survey, ground, starting, commanded, sternly, scraps and stripes from the lesson and explained its meanings and made students to use those words while preparing the dish in appropriate places. After preparing dish students tasted the "AVIAL" prepared by them. Students were asked to write a recipe for any dish they like. Students wrote recipe for bread roast, omlet, bread bajji, vegetable soup, bread sandwich etc. Best recipe were selected and awarded prizes.

Way forward:

In my experience, children respond better when being engaged in practical activities, rather than reading from textbooks. They grow in confidence if you give them a task to do which they are able to achieve. And this can be incorporated into teaching the curriculum in an effective, engaging and enjoyable way.





Term: Term 1

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