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Integrating Language in Math

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Including language and multiple learning styles in Math enables whole brain development in students.

Purpose of integrating language in Math

  • To cover multiple learning styles.
  • Enables usage of both the left brain and right brain in a math class.

How will a story help in teaching Math?

Challenging topics in Math can be dealt through stories, music, and dance. For example, there is a train which has a ones compartment and a tens compartment, where only one person can sit in the ones compartment and only 10 people can sit together in the tens compartment. Such stories help students improve their ability to calculate mentally while making learning enjoyable. Common stories can be modified as per the grades in which the students study, and it will also make the students interested in learning. Sums and problems with stories from the real world and day-to-day life will help students in visualizing Math. For example, before introducing students to the concept of division, the students were already aware of how to share things like chocolates and biscuits among themselves. These kind of stories help students to do mental calculations without using notebooks.


Crosswords reinforce a student’s Math skills as well, which helps them to remember mathematical terminologies and their spellings. Word puzzles are a really good method for improving a child’s processing speed. Puzzles enable children to arrive at the correct answer fast. Crosswords also enhances the problem-solving capability of children. Many word puzzles not only require a good vocabulary and a knack for spellings, but also the ability to think logically and strategically.

Word search:

Word search is yet another activity that helps consolidate spellings of key words in Math, and it is a ‘settling activity’ for children. This activity helps children to remember and recall spellings of Math terminologies.

Words worth

Each alphabet is assigned a number. For example: a = 1, b = 2, and so on. This activity helps children to learn addition.

For example, Bed = 2 + 5 + 4 = 11

Bed = 11, Bee = 12, Age = 13, Fed = 15, Head = 18

The students can be asked to arrange different words in the ascending and the descending order, or to find the word with the largest words worth and with the least words worth. This activity helps children to build a good vocabulary and strengthen their skills of basic addition.


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I have used different stories to explain in presentations in my teaching of word problems.I have never used wordsworth and would try using it in my teaching.