Towards a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society

About Us


The Azim Premji Foundation is working towards a vision of a just, equitable, sustainable and humane society. We believe that universal access to quality education is extremely important for fulfilling this vision of our society, which in turn depends on the health and vitality of the public education system. In order to support this cause of quality education, we are partnering with the public education system in the following areas:

  • Teacher professional development

  • Education leadership

  • Research

  • Communication & Engagement

Through these engagements, our endeavour is to holistically address educational issues from policy making; curriculum planning; professional development of teachers, leaders and functionaries; school management and classroom practices.

Teacher professional development

Continuing professional development is a woefully neglected area in our education system, which has its roots in the status we accord to teaching itself. Teaching is a serious profession, like any other – say medicine. Even after a rigorous certification process, medical professionals go through a number of continuing development opportunities – early entrants work under the guidance of experienced professionals, have forums to discuss new developments in the field of medicine, conduct research and share it with their community of professionals, even renowned surgeons have no qualms about calling upon their peers to support them in complex surgeries. This helps them sharpen their own practice and contribute to the collective understanding of the profession.

Teachers often face challenges in their day-to-day practice but don’t have the time or appropriate spaces for such discussions. ‘Training’ formats don’t do justice to this need. The content and mode of continuing professional development needs to be thoughtfully planned. We need to address teachers’ classroom realities and how they will move towards our vision of quality education. Multiple modes of professional development are required which provide space for reflections on their practice, peer discussions, collaborative work, action research and self-paced learning

Azim Premji Foundation, Puducherry is facilitating the development of teachers through the following forums

  1. Voluntary Teacher Forums

  2. Teachers’ Circle

  3. Collaborative action research

  4. In-service support

  5. Publications

  6. Resource centers

Head Teacher capacity building

School leaders are the fulcrum of a school’s culture, practices and learning. While they bear the critical responsibility of academic leadership, school administration and community engagement, there is very little preparation or development inputs that are provided to them today. Over time, the Puducherry district Institute will engage with head teachers through the following forums:

  • Supporting in-service training and development

  • Head teacher forums

  • Publications and resources

Institutional capacity building

Sustainable change is possible only through the strengthening of institutions that are meant to support the education system – starting from state level institutions (SCERT, Department of Education, SSA, RMSA) to District level institutions (DIET) and block and cluster level institutions (Inspectorates, Block resource centers)


There is a dearth of quality research to inform interventions in education. The Puducherry District Institute will engage in three kinds of research:

  • Research to understand the challenges and successes in education in the district

  • Supporting teachers in conducting action research as a tool for improving their own practices and professional development

  • Research to understand the effectiveness of the Institute’s engagements with the system

Communication & Engagement

The challenges in education are enormous and the pace of progress is gradual. There is a need for continuous deliberation among the various stakeholders in the system on the issues facing the system, important thrust areas and celebrate successes along the way. The Puducherry District Institute aims to facilitate this process of dialogue on important issues on a continuous basis.