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Content Policy


The Teacher Portal   is driven by a vision to improve the quality of education across Puducherry. Conceived as an inclusive community of teachers spread across the Puducherry, it is designed to enable and encourage user communities, resource generation and sharing.

The target audience of the portal is elementary school teachers of government schools across Puducherry. The portal will have resource in Tamil and English Languages.


The Teacher Portal is a space for teachers to interact, discuss and reflect; to create and share resources. The major content areas on the portal are Teaching Resources.

All the content is generated by users. These sections are moderated minimally only—just enough to ensure the propriety of language and content. Teacher Portal is seeking to encourage mature conversation about ideas that matter for education and development. Please engage in a reasoned exchange of ideas, avoid name-calling, obscenities and insults. Humour, of course, is welcome. ;-).

Teaching Resources are rigorously moderated to ensure quality, relevance and appropriateness. Our editors take care of this with the help of editorial team.

A major chunk of the Resources are expected to be generated by the teachers of Puducherry. This is because we want the content to be rooted in the ground realities of that region, its culture and educational needs. Such resources can be submitted online on the portal, or by post or courier to the portal team (see content submission guidelines).


On the teacher portal resources fall broadly into two categories:

1.Teaching Resources that teachers can use to teach in class. This includes Lesson Plans, Project Ideas, Class Room Resources,Assessments,Worksheets,Teacher Reference, and Teacher Reflections

2.Teacher Development Resources that help teachers grow professionally. This includes articles, activities, interviews, discussions, films, etc. that tell them about the latest trends in pedagogy, educational psychology, successful practices in other parts of the nation and of the world, case studies, etc.


The Teacher Portal  wants its resources to be freely used by teachers across Puducherry and regions of India for educational purposes. Hence we follow Creative Commons licenses that are most liberal, with minimal restrictions for ensuring responsible use.

Each resource on the portal comes with one of the logos below. Please take some time to become familiar with their meaning, so that you can understand how free you are to use each resource.

 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

This license lets users copy, redistribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this resource non-commercially, as long as they credit the source and license their new creation under the identical terms.

 Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

This license only allows users to download this resource and share them with others as long as they credit the source, but they can’t change it in any way or use them commercially.

To know more about Creative Commons license click here

© All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved lies under the Copyright Law which indicates that the users cannot copy, distribute, and modify this resource in any form until they get permission from the copyright holder of this resource.

Standard YouTube License

YouTube license is similar to the all right reserved. To know more about click here


Articles previously published can also be published on the portal with the copyright holder’s permission. An ‘Author’s Note’ at the end of the article should acknowledge previous publishing, specifying the publication and the issue number. A copy of the permission letter from the original copyright holder should be forwarded to the Portal team, along with the resource.

Authors are free to re-publish their articles first published on They should duly acknowledge that it had been originally published

Intellectual Honesty (Copyright and Plagiarism)

The Teacher Portal respects Intellectual Property Rights, practices it rigorously and persuades our contributors to practice it. By submitting an article to us, the author declares it as original (unless explicitly acknowledged otherwise) and devoid of any plagiarism.

Resources submitted on the portal are considered to be permanent contribution to the portal. Authors do not have the right or access to withdraw them or delete from the portal. If for any reason somebody wishes to withdraw the resource, they can write to the editor of the portal.

With all our openness to content, the editorial team reserves the right to not publish any content that seems distasteful or not relevant to the portal’s primary audience. Teacher Portal reserves the right to remove any comment or content from the site, without attributing any reason and without prior communication to the author.


Azim Premji Foundation Puducherry aims to provide a platform for teachers and teacher educators to exchange information that is relevant to them. In addition, Azim Premji Foundation Puducherry also provides links to various websites related to education. However, Azim Premji Foundation Puducherry does not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed by its users/websites and also has no means to verify the authenticity of such information. Azim Premji Foundation Puducherry is not liable for any direct/indirect loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use or access of any information, interpretations and conclusions that may appear on it.