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Give and Take - CBSE, Maths, Class III

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This is an illustrative activity to teach place value

Drawing a Representation of 3 - Digit

Subtraction Example : 594 – 342

In the above figure you can see six grids. Let the first column from the right represent the ones and the middle column grids represent the tens and left must represent hundreds.

First we represent 594 as shown below:

After we represented 594, we take away 2 ones, 4 tens, and 3 hundreds by striking out and 

Write down how many hundreds, tens and ones are left. 

Following is an example where borrowing arises 246 - 147

Representation of 246

Here we can't take 7 away from 6 so we are supposed to borrow a ten from 40. The ten which we borrow has to be represented as 10 ones in the ones column grid which is in the second row. One ten is stroked out from tens grid.

Now seven ones can be taken away from 16 ones as shown below:

Similar way is followed to subtract tens as we can't take away 4 tens from 3 tens. 

The above discussed activity can also be adopted for two or three-digit addition.

For 2-digit number following worksheet can be used.

Illustration 1

346 + 248 = 594

Illustration 2

48 - 29 = 19

Few downloadable worksheets are attached below for students to practice.


Primary Maths

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