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Malu Bhalu

  • Ask the students to observe the pictures and answer the questions given below.
  • Elicit responses from them and write them down on the board. (Words in the subtext part are to be elicited and written on the board)

Interactive questions:

What do you see in this picture?

Can you identify the animal?

Where does it live?

Subtext (for Blackboard work): Snow, ice, Polar Bear, water

Shall we listen to a story?

Did you hear about the Arctic region in your EVS class? What is so special about this place? (Questions for interaction)

This is a story of a little polar bear, named Malu Bhalu, and her mother. They lived in the Arctic region. It’s an icy region.

Have you seen such places in television? (Question for interaction)

Malu was very clever and smart. She learnt everything that her parents knew. She learnt fishing very quickly. But, even after that, she was not ready to close her wish list.

One day, she asked her mother, “I want to go far out to play. I want to see what is there”

“It’s a good idea. But, wait for some time. Why are you in such a hurry?” replied her mother.

Malu was not ready to give up.

“You can learn in the next summer,” her mother consoled her. She clasped Malu and said, “First things first. You should learn how to swim.”

She took Malu to the water. But Malu was little afraid.

“Mom, I have never swum before. How will I learn?”

“Don’t worry,” mother replied, “You hold my hand. Just do what I do. I will teach you.”

How many of you know how to swim? Were you afraid while learning it? Who taught you how to swim?(Questions for interaction)

Malu gripped her mother’s hand tightly and started playing in the water. Slowly, she became confident. She was not afraid at all anymore. Malu swam with her all might. It came quite naturally to her.

“You are a brave girl!” her mother said, appreciating Malu.

Interactive questions:

Where did Malu and her mother live?

What did Malu already learn from her parents?

What did Malu want to do?

What was the response of Malu’s mother?

What did Malu’s mother want her to learn?

How did Malu learn swimming?

Subtext (write the responses of the students on the blackboard): icy place, catching fish, play and see the new things, learn in the next summer, learn swimming, by gripping her mother’s hand.

Reading the poem

  • Individual reading.
  • Collaborative reading.
  • Reading aloud by the teacher.


Characters: Malu and her mother

Scene 1

Malu and mother plays.

Conversation between Malu and her mother.

Scene 2

Malu points to the distance and asks for permission to travel.

Malu’s mother rejects the request.

Malu’s mother asks Malu to learn how to swim.

Scene 3

Malu goes into the water, feeling afraid.

Malu’s mother provides a solution to help Malu overcome her fear.

Scene 4

Malu holds her mother’s hand and practices swimming.

Malu’s mother appreciates her achievement.



Term: Term 3