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The Naughty Boy

Class 4: Unit 10: Poem – The Naughty Boy 

Day 1 


Jerry was a little boy. He lived in England. He was very naughty. He was also very curious. He asked many questions. One day he thought,  

“I live in England.  

The neighbouring country is Scotland.  

Do England and Scotland look the same?  

Do the people in Scotland look different?  

Will a little boy in Scotland look like me?”  


  1. Which are our neighbouring countries? (or any other countries in the world) 
  2. Do you think that the people and things in other countries will be very different from ours? 


“I want to meet the people in Scotland.  

I want to feel the ground there,” said Jerry. 

 “Will the ground in Scotland be as hard as the ground in England?” he wondered.  

“Will a yard (a discussion on this unit of measurement is required as the students may not be familiar with it) be the same length in both the places?  

Will the songs in Scotland be as merry as in England?” Jerry asked himself. 

“I should find out all these.  

I will run away to Scotland”, decided Jerry. 


Ask the students to read from the beginning till “Was as merry”. 

Individual reading is to be followed by group reading. 

Comprehension questions 

  1. Where did the naughty boy run away to? 
  2. Was the ground in Scotland as hard as the ground in England? 
  3. Was a yard same in both England and Scotland? 

Day 2 


While in Scotland, one day, Jerry went to a fruit shop. He opened the door of the shop. It was a wooden door. “This door is as wooden as the doors in England”, he thought. There were many fruits in the shop – apple, orange, pineapple, cherry etc. The cherries were bright red in colour. “The cherries here are as red as the ones in England,” said Jerry to the shopkeeper. 

“Yes, they are,” replied the shopkeeper. 

“How much for a kilogram?” 


“You mean eighty?” 

“Yes, a score is twenty and four scores are eighty my boy!” replied the shopkeeper. 

“Things in Scotland are the same as those in England. 

“Is there anything different?” he wondered. 


Read the rest of the poem. Follow all the reading protocols. 

Comprehension questions 

  1. What else did Jerry find same in both Scotland and England? 
  2. What is fourscore? 



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