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Shapes and Space

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Learning Objectives

• Sorts, classifies and describes the objects on the basis of shapes

• Sorts 2-D shapes such as flat objects made of card, etc.

Prior knowledge needed: Pre-number sense, understanding of 1, 2 and 3

Materials needed: worksheet, video, flashcards, real objects which are triangular, rectangular, circular and square in shape


Match Shapes with Objects: Make students get into two groups of five or six members per group. The teacher will arrange two baskets for this activity. One basket will contain basic geometrical shapes while another will have shape related things. When the teacher blows a whistle, students from Group 1 should be able to pick a shape from the first basket and students from Group 2 should pick a shape-related object. They should then be able to match the object and shape correctly. This activity will help students to find shapes in everyday items and can lead students to explore shapes in all kinds of ways.

Watch A Video: Before introducing shapes, we could familiarize the concept by introducing children to watching videos of rhymes and songs related to shapes. This can build the interest of students and build a spirited environment in the classroom. Rhymes and songs are effective ways to encourage students to learn new concepts at this level. They could be encouraged to sing and dance as well.

Here are some video links to a song related to shapes that can be used in your classroom:

https://w w


https://w w


Color the Shapes: Another activity is to make different shapes of caps in different colors and ask students to put them on. They could be given practice to recite a few lines about the shapes. For example, teachers could help them recite lines similar to these:

• I am a triangle.

• I have three sides.

• Samosa is my friend. It’s like me in shape.

Color and Create Shapes: Teacher gives many pieces of 4 shapes to students – triangle,

rectangle, square and circle. Students are asked to colour the shapes and identify its name. After finishing this activity, they cut and create many more shapes, colour them and make an object out of it. For example, they could make rockets, houses and flowers as shown in the picture.

Project for shapes: First, make a conical tree shape on the wall. Students are then advised to collect things related to shapes. When students get these shape-related things, they will be allowed to hang it on the tree. Teacher should conduct this activity as a project for a whole week. This project will help students learn about shapes from their everyday life.

Assessment: Teacher gives attached worksheet for assessing the student.


SHAPES - GRADE I Worksheet

(This worksheet can be downloaded for use from the file attached below.)

M. Parameshwari, PST,GPS Polagam, Karaikal


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