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A Happy Classroom


  1. A fear-free classroom ensures joyful learning.
  2. An attractive classroom equipped with TLMs, and making use of project-based learning, art and craft activities, etc. enable learning to be fun.

It is the duty of the teacher to ensure that students enjoy the process of learning, especially in the pre-primary and the primary classes. Fear has no place in a classroom. To facilitate such an atmosphere in the classroom, a good relationship between the teacher and the students is necessary.

I adopted various methods and activities to provide such an atmosphere in my classroom and make it a jolly one.

The classroom was enriched with attractive TLMs, such as charts, cut-outs, stickers, pictures, etc.

‘Project-based learning’ was tried out too. For example, the students did projects on ‘modes of transport’, ‘fruits and vegetables’, ‘domestic animals’, and other such topics. An exhibition was conducted as well for them to display their works.


Art-and-craft activities were also done regularly.

The students were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about various topics that were taught in the classroom. Focus was given to peer learning.

All these efforts helped to ensure that our students were in a happy environment where they enjoyed learning.

Teachers: A. Subashini, N. Hemamalini., GPS Pangur

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