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How to Brand Education And Exploring Innovative Strategies for Developing Study Skills

We, the teachers, often find ourselves wishing to be credited for the work we have done in school. However, we must adopt a different strategy; we must work towards creating a brand for our school. It is then that we will get recognition as well. In such a case, even if we have to transfer to different locations, parents will look forward to admitting their children in our school. It is of utmost importance that we keep working towards that aim. Then, naturally, we will get our due recognition.

Language Games:

To develop English-language learning amongst our students, we came up with a few different ideas. We did begin with the traditional approach of finding the difficult words in the lesson, highlighting them, finding their meaning, and writing them in their notebooks. However, we performed this conventional exercise in an unconventional manner—by projecting the textbook on the smart board and highlighting the words with a presentation marker. It proved to be an excellent strategy to captivate the students, and they were interested and attentive in the learning activity because of its novelty.

We also made use of jumbo books that had more pictures than text. This small change greatly helped in improving the interest of the students towards reading, even amongst the low-proficient ones. Certain word games helped in boosting memory and enabled faster learning, further improving the study skills of the students. For instance, in one game, a die would be rolled, and the students would be asked to pick six cards from a pack of cards. After doing that, the students were required to synchronize the cards with the number on the die.

Utilization of ICT:

Apart from engaging in fun classroom activities, we also utilized Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the best possible way. The students were given ample opportunities to interact and familiarize themselves with this medium, and they found it very interesting.

A lot of study materials were used to simplify the lessons, thereby developing the studying skills of the students. Visual Learning Media, such as Tangrams and Domino cards, were used for this purpose.

I am also proud to share that we have launched smart classes in our school and are making use of iPad Pro and Amazon 5T. Lessons are taught using YouTube videos, and it is ensured that the students are given opportunities to use interactive learning media.

These are a few ways in which we have tried to improve the learning environment in our school, and these have definitely brought about considerable success in terms of students’ learning and progress. All of this has been possible through the support of our Zone DIS, and we are grateful for the freedom that she has given us.


Teachers must work not for themselves; instead they should work for the school and try and develop it into a brand. If that is achieved, teachers will be remembered even in their absence, and parents would want to send their children to their school. One of the ways in which this can be done is by making effective use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Visual learning media, and language games as tools to make learning easier and more interesting.

K. Rajaram, GPS Sokkanathanpet

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