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Animals Theme

ECE Resources: Animals Theme 

In November 2019, we had prepared resources in the theme of ‘Animals’ and had also demonstrated them in few of our PPSTs’ classrooms. These resources were primely aimed at UKG students as it focuses on developing reading skills among students. On reflecting, it seemed theme-based approach which included engaging activities ensured better participation and learning among pre-primary students.  

Theme-based pedagogical practices suggested by us, does not involve rote methods of learning. Hence, they are fun-filled, activity-based learning that are prepared with the capacity of our government school preprimary children in mind. 

Listed below are the resources: 

Teaching Manual [EC5152] 

This is a teacher guide with theme web plan, day-wise plan, few of the song lyrics and many other suggestions for activity-based teaching that are aligned with the theme.  

Song Lyrics [EC5153] 

These are some of animal-themed songs that have been collected from teachers during some of our workshops. The credit for these songs goes to some of the preprimary teachers who have been regularly engaging with us. 

The Sky is Falling – English [EC5154] 

This is a popular story of the fable, where a rabbit assumes that the sky is falling when a mango falls on the ground above his burrow. Later he realizes his folly when the King of the jungle points out it is only a mango. The story is in simple English sentences with colourful pictures which the teacher may use to narrate in the classroom. 

The Sky is Falling – Tamil [EC5155] 

The same story (as above) is also given in Tamil. The teacher may use any of these versions – either English or Tamil, to also develop reading of simple words, in students. 

Colouring Sheets of Animal [EC5156] 

These are colouring sheets of 6 specific animals with their names given alongside in Tamil.  The teacher can use these sheets to engage students in reading their names graphically as well as to colour them.  

Later, the teacher may cut the pictures and the names and by distributing to two teams of students, can ask them to match the words (names of animals) to the right picture.

Worksheet 1 [EC5157] 

This is a worksheet for counting numbers. It has the picture of a giraffe. Students are expected to colour the picture and stick bindis in the circles given in the picture. Then they would have to count the number of bindis that they have stuck. 

Worksheet 2 [EC5158] 

This is another worksheet for counting were students have to identify and count the total number of animals in each row and write the number.


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