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ECE Resources: Theme - Flowers

In continuation with theme-based approaches at the pre-primary level, several resources were produced in the theme of ‘Flowers’, in the month of August, 2019. These were used and demonstrated in classes by our Resource Persons.

Teachers and students alike seem to have utilized these resources to their best potential and have produced good learning progresses in pre-primary children.

Listed below are the resources:

Theme Web Plan [EC5131]

In a broad web-diagram, this offers an outline of the many sub-concepts that can be covered in the theme of Flowers. This map is also the first step towards producing thematically-aligned resources, as this provides the gist of what will match with and what will be beyond the learning levels of students in the pre-primary classrooms.

Song on Flower Theme – Lyrics [EC5132]

This simple Tamil song was shared with a captivating tune in many of our PPST’s classrooms. The interesting lines and tune of the song together with happy dance movements, captured the attention of students and made it easy for them to remember the lines of the song.

Song 1 by PPST Umadevi – Audio [EC5133]

ஏட்டினிலே உள்ள பூ மணக்குமா is a simple song recorded and shared for use in prep-primary classrooms by one of the enthusiastic teachers, Umadevi. Sung in a melodious voice, this song is simple yet comes with a strong message of having to grow more plants in our garden.

Song 2 by PPST Umadevi – Audio [EC5134]

வண்ணத்துப்பூசியும் நான்தானே is a cute, simple audio song by PPST Umadevi. It includes names of 3 popular flowers. The song is sung in the narrative of a butterfly and offers great scope for dancing and singing in the preprimary classroom.

Story by PPST Umadevi – Audio [EC5135]

உண்மையான அழகு எது? Is the story of a disappointed jasmine flower that worries about not being brightly coloured and not being pretty enough with its other flower friends in the garden. However, it soon realizes with rose flower’s advice that each of them has their own uniqueness and beauty and they are to be cherished and admired for their own worth. Knowing this, the jasmine becomes very happy. PPST Umadevi has beautifully narrated this in this audio lasting for about 1.37 mins.

Picture-based Story – பட்டாம்பூச்சியும் பூக்களும் [EC5136]

This is a simple, engaging story of how the butterfly got its colours – it got its pink colour from the rose, red from the hibiscus, yellow from the marigold and blue from the conch flower. This story is told to students using plain pictures that become colourful as the flower borrows and gains colours in a step-by-step process. Students find this to be captivating of their interests and attention.   

Deepa’s Garden [EC5137]

This is a simple English storybook from Pratham that describes of activities in a girl’s garden. And how flowers and bees are always buzzing busily and in activity in it.

My Garden [EC5138]

This story is of a slightly higher-order than the previous one and includes names of a lot of flowers. This book from Pratham can be used to tell the story and use various English words in context. This way, students become familiar with common English usage in the classroom and begin to understand them in context.

Flower – Mandala Activity [EC5139]

This is an outline of a flower mandala and the printable worksheet can be used in class for students to colour them using their choice of colour/s.

Flower Sequencing [EC5140]

This is a worksheet that has the four stages of the growth of a plant. This printable sheet can be cut into four with each picture in one of the parts and students can be asked to sequence them in the right order.

Colouring with petals [EC5141]

This is a printable worksheet of an outline of a flower. Students can use petals of flowers like marigold and rose to colour them.

Joining the dots & colouring [EC5142]

This is a printable worksheet were students can be asked to join the dots and colour the flower in choices of their own.

Patterning and Classification Activities [EC5143]

This has activity ideas for 4-year-old and 3-year-old students to pattern and classify flowers based on given instructions.


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