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ECE Resources: Theme - My Body, Myself


The resources for kindergarten are prepared on the common developmental domains identified for learners at this level – physical, language, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, creative and socio-emotional learning. In the months of June-July (initial months of the academic year), focus is to be on the themes of ‘My Body’ & ‘Myself’. The resources provided here match this theme.

Theme Web [EC5101]

This is a teacher guide that includes a graphical representation of how the theme of ‘My Body’ can be explored in class. It is a compilation of many teaching ideas in a web diagram.

Theme Plan [EC5102]

This is a teacher guide that explores ways of introducing the theme in class and the main sub- concepts to be covered under the theme of ‘My Body’ and ‘Myself’.

Day-Wise Plan [EC5103]

A 5-day plan to implementing the theme of ‘My Body’ & ‘My Theme’ using songs, stories and pictures is shared in this document.


Activity 1: Flash Cards of Body Parts [EC5104]

As a follow-up activity to identifying body parts, flash cards are provided to lead discussions and to register names of different body parts through reinforcement, among learners.

Activity 2: Flash Cards of Body Parts & Sense Organs (Words) [EC5105]
In another set of flash cards, different parts of the body are shown and teachers ask students to match the picture with their names in a chart.

Teacher can also use only the pictures of the sense organs in this and match it with the names of the sense organs given as words along with these picture resources.

Activity 3: Maze Activity 1 - Finding Way Through a Maze [EC5106]
This is a follow-up to physical activities in the school. In this simple activity worksheet, students may be encouraged to hold a pencil firmly and draw lines to find their way to the house given in the sheet.

Activity 4: Maze Activity 2 – Finding Way Through a Maze [EC5107]
This is another kind of a maze activity worksheet, where students are encouraged to find their way and draw lines for either the tortoise or the rabbit given in the picture and help them reach the tree. Students may work in pairs, choosing themselves as one of the two characters and complete this activity.

Activity 5: Maze Activity 3 – Finding Way Through a Maze [EC5108]
This activity worksheet is one of the simplest forms offered for practice. Students are encouraged to draw line inside the maze structure to help the girl reach her school bag.

Activity 6: Maze Activity 4– Finding Way Through a Maze [EC5109]
Students are encouraged to draw lines through ways in the maze to help the girl get her balloons.


Story 1: Body Parts Story - Udal Uruppugal [EC5123]

This is a rebus story that has the different parts of the body as characters. Through this interesting story, students will also come to understand the roles and functions of the different parts of the body.

Story 2: How are you? [EC5124]

Teacher reads out simple sentences from a book and shows pictures to help students learn simple questions like – how are you? why? Students look at pictures and learn through graphical reading and association.

Story 3: I like shoes [EC5125]

Teacher can read out simple sentences about shoes. Students will learn about some colours and few words describing shoes, in this set of story cards.

Story 4: Pumpkin [EC5126]

Teacher can read and show pictures from this set of flash cards for students to know some words describing a pumpkin.

Story 5: Nee yaen sirappanavan [EC5127]

Teacher can show pictures and ask questions in Tamil. Students guess the answers before teacher reads out the answers in simple Tamil sentences for them.


Song 1: Parts of the Body in English for Kids [EC5111]

In this video students learn about different parts of the body and face. Through reinforcement, students will be able to learn about the parts and remember the names.

Song 2: Finger Family (English version) [EC5112]

In this song about family members, students associate names of family members in English with each of the fingers and repeat it in a sing-song manner.

Song 3: Finger Family (Part 1) Tamil [EC5113]

In this Tamil rhyme song, students learn about associating members of the family with each of the fingers. Through this activity, students learn through fun to talk about family members.

Song 4: I’ve got the rhythm – Body Parts [EC5114]

In this interesting, song students learn about parts of the body .

Song 5: I’ve Got the Rhythm – Dance Along [EC5115]

This is a song on body parts where students can watch the video and learn to sing and dance along with it.

Song 6: Melody, Melody [EC5116]

This is a funny song that the teacher can sing with actions and ask students to imitate and sing after her/him.

Song 7: Ondru yaavarkum [EC5117]

This is an interesting Tamil rhyme song where Kanmani teaches to count by associating them with parts of the body.

Song 8: Open, Close![EC5118]

This is another interesting and simple song in English to teach students about parts of the body. Teacher can sing this song in class and ask students to do the actions and repeat after the teacher or the video.

Song 9: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around [EC5119]

This is a famous English rhyme, students watch a video song and imitate after the character shown in the video before singing and acting it out by themselves.

Song 10: Udal Uruppugal [EC5120]

This is a song about different parts of the body in Tamil. Students will associate names in Tamil with the different pictures of the parts of the body that is shown in the video.

Song 11: Put Your Right Hand In [EC5121]

In this famous English rhyme, students engage in an interesting manner to sing and dance after the video that is played to them.

Song 12: En Pallikoodam [EC5122]

This is a Tamil song in which Kanmani sings about how she gets ready for school. This song helps build a friendly atmosphere for attending school, especially for students at the kindergarten level.


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