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Festival Theme

For the month of January 2020, we had planned and implemented resources in the theme of ‘Festivals’.  Stories, songs, few colouring sheets and other activities were produced on this theme.  

Sharing below some of these fun-filled pedagogical suggestions that were enjoyed by students and teachers alike, during our field visits to preprimary classrooms:  

Teaching Manual [EC5159] 

This is a teacher handbook containing web plan on Festival theme and pedagogical ideas that can be implemented daily. It also contains some of the song lyrics that can be sung and taught to students in the classrooms.     

Storybook 1 – Mina Celebrates Pongal [EC5160] 

This is a simple story in English about a girl who happily celebrates Pongal with her family members. All the 8-page of the storybook is filled with colourful pictures and simple sentences that can be familiarized to students. Learners may also attempt to read the book through familiarization and graphical reading. This storybook is an adaptation from  

Storybook 2 – Mongal Stole Pongal [EC5161] 

Stories are sure ways of grasping the interest and attention of learners, and this is another simple story in Tamil about a monster named Mongal who steals the Sun and keeps him a prisoner. All of world then becomes dark and crops die. However, later, upon the request of children, Mongal then releases Sun and the whole planet becomes prosperous once again.  

Conversations [EC5162] 

This is a set of two conversations – Sarkkarai Biriyani and Pongalukku Kaathirukkum Biryani. The conversations are set in simple language for the teacher can try practicing them with the students in the classroom. Subsequently, teacher can write the dialogues in copies of the ‘animals talking’ and ‘boys talking’ appropriately and display them in class. Students will try to read them when the context has been set and they come in view of the lines on a regular basis.       

Picture sets for Conversations [EC5162A] 

This is the picture set to be used along with the previous resource containing conversations. The idea on how it is to be used is stated above.   

Dobble Cards – Pictures [EC5163] 

This is an interesting activity for LKG where students must spot the common pictures between 2 given cards. They can play this with teacher guidance, either in groups or individually.  

Given here, are pictures of cards in 7 sheets. Teachers can take a printout of these and stick them to thick cardboard sheets before using them in class.   

Dobble Cards – Words [EC5164] 

This is an interesting activity for UKG where students must spot the common words between 2 given cards. Like the one above, students can play this game with teacher guidance individually or in groups. 

Teachers are requested to take a printout of these and stick them to thick cardboard sheets and use them as circular cards in the classroom. 

Please note, at this level, students should not be expected to read all the words given in the cards, but it will suffice if they are able to identify similar words through identifying the letters occurring in them.   

Colouring Sheets [EC5166] 


This 2-page sheet is a outline of pictures associated with the festival of Pongal. Students can be asked to name them and colour them. 


Term: Term 3


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