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The Story of Food

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Topic: The Story of Food

Class: III          

Students: 10

Subject: EVS

School: GPS Pillaiyarkuppam



The objective of this activity was to develop knowledge about medicinal plants and its importance. Through this activity, students will be able to identify food from plants, seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, stems and animals.

Students will be allowed to explore tastes of traditional food items from different families, as part of the activity.


In this chapter, students will learn about food habits, cooking, herbs, etc., through various types of group activities and discussions.

Activities like preparing of medicinal concoction, collecting of certain medicinal herbs with their group members, observing food from plants and animals help children get clear ideas about nutrition and health.


It was found that students were very interested and involved in the participation of collecting certain medicinal herbs. By this, students were given an experience to touch, smell, observe shapes and names of medicinal plants like: Keezhanelli, Nila Vembu, Karpura Valli, Kalyana Murungai leaves, etc.

These group activities made children become interested and enjoy the process of learning. Undoubtedly, the concept of herbs and its uses became understood by most of the students.


Students are instructed to prepare the medicinal leaf - Herbarium album and mention its names and uses in Tamil language. They also drew the preparation methods of health concoction in their notebooks.

Here’s a sample Herbarium album with drawings of plant saplings:



Term: Term 2

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